Climate.Careers the climate-focused job discovery platform. We're a not-for-profit, community-powered organization that exists to help people align their careers with solving climate change. We're here to help people find fulfilling jobs that are good for our planet.

Our mission is to leverage employment as a vehicle to catalyze climate action. We aim to:

  1. help people discover jobs at organizations working to solve climate change
  2. support those organizations by helping them attract mission-driven talent

Our approach to addressing the climate crisis is solutions-oriented and holistic. Our job-search framework is inspired by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, and Project Drawdown's list of evidence-based solutions to reverse global warming. We support and partner with mission-aligned organizations advancing climate solutions, adaptation, research, policy change, and advocacy for climate action.

What is Project Drawdown?

"Project Drawdown is the world's leading source of climate solutions. Project Drawdown is a world-class research and communication organization which serves as a non-partisan, non-commercial, highly-trusted source of solutions to reverse global warming. [...] Project Drawdown reviews, analyses, and identifies the most viable global climate solutions, and shares these findings with the world." -

By utilizing Project Drawdown's list of the top 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming, we help job seekers discover impactful climate careers. We value Project Drawdown's evidence-based, data-driven approach, and we are grateful for their ongoing work. Learn more about Project Drawdown by watching this TED Talk by Chad Frischmann, Project Drawdown's VP of Research:


Climate.Careers Remote
May 10, 2020
Full Time Part Time
We're mobilizing the world's talent to solve the climate crisis — and we're looking to grow our team! We have a general idea of what kind of talent we're looking for, but we want to cast a wide net. We're open to everything from volunteers to technical co-founders. We're also open to partnering with recruiters!  So, if you're interested in being a part of our journey, let us know how you'd want to contribute to our team here.  Please indicate how you heard about! Looking forward to hearing from you. :)