Fatal Error is a podcast about climate entrepreneurship.

We are primarily focused on speaking to "regular" tech entrepreneurs about the climate emergency or speaking to entrepreneurs who are directly tackling the climate problem with new business models and ideas.

Check out a short teaser from the first series to get an idea of what we're about:

Fatal Error Remote (UK/EU)
Sep 28, 2020
My name is Richard and about two years ago I began shifting my focus to understanding climate matters. My goal is to create a profitable business that has both a social impact and a direct (positive) impact on climate change, in particular through natural carbon sequestration. About a year ago I began a research project which has taken the form of a podcast ( https://fatalerror.blog ) and which has led me to an idea that I believe can have direct and significant positive impact on the climate situation. It also has the potential to be a sustainable and growing business. I am now seeking to build a team around the idea and I'm looking for a founding engineer/developer to kick the tyres. What I'm looking for: • You need to have full-stack experience of building SaaS projects • You are onboard with open-sourcing your work and with working collaboratively as well as autonomously • You can dedicate significant time to a new project (doesn't have to be full-time...
Fatal Error Remote
Sep 08, 2020
Howdy, my name is Richard . I run FatalError  a (newish) podcast focused on climate entrepreneurship. I am looking for a writer who can work with us on creating engaging content pieces based on the episodes and interviews we are publishing. These will be part transcript / part opinion aimed at conveying the gist of the episodes in long-form format. Here's what you need to know about the role: This is an  unpaid   position that will start as soon as the right candidate is found and run for two months.  This role will be useful to you if you are looking for some hands on experience with writing/blogging to be able to build a portfolio and references. It will also be useful to you if you are new to the climate space and want to learn about the different facets (and solutions) to the problem. The role is 100% remote with no locations or time zones excluded provided you have connectivity. There is no age, background, experience or other limitations (indeed we...