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Ice911 is the single safest lever in the fight to mitigate climate change. Our solution to reduce global average temperatures and climate variability by applying a safe material solution to a strategic location in the Arctic can help slow the rapid decline of Arctic ice.

Ice911 Research Redwood City, CA, USA
Jan 08, 2020
Full Time
Do you share a commitment to a sustainable planet? Do you feel compelled to make a difference in the race to slow down climate change? Ice911 Research is looking for an outstanding individual who brings proven leadership and management skills to be our Executive Director. We are seeking a strong and experienced professional to ensure the continued success of Ice911 Research and lead it to the next level of global impact. Our goal is to prove and scale our solution while there’s still time. Ice911 Research is a 501(c)3 Silicon Valley nonprofit dedicated to Arctic climate restoration. Our Vision Demonstrate a safe method for Arctic ice restoration in time to help stabilize the global climate. Our Mission Prove to the world that we can preserve and restore Arctic ice, and help establish international policy, governance and funding for adoption of the solution by local communities, governments and global institutions. Our Founding Principles (1) Do no harm; (2) Maximize a positive impact with the smallest possible intervention; (3) Work with accountability, transparency, and permission; (4) Take a scientifically-rigorous approach; (5) Work in partnership with indigenous, local, regional, and global communities; (6) Be excellent stewards of our financial resources to restore Arctic ice. You will help us build the organizational capacity to achieve our vision. Ice911 Research is entering a dynamic growth phase. We are quickly transitioning from start-up phase to a mature organization. Significantly increasing funding is enabling rapid capacity building across all areas of the organization. For the incoming Executive Director, the next several years at Ice911 will present a rewarding leadership opportunity in an organization founded on innovation, integrity, team work and a commitment to diversity and equity. For more information about our approach, values, and team, please click around on our website . We conduct research and field deployments to demonstrate a safe, effective and cost-efficient method to restore Arctic ice, informed by climate modeling and on-the-ground measurement. We aim to demonstrate that we can stabilize the global climate through Arctic ice restoration and slow the devastating effects of climate change. Our ultimate goal is to provide national governments and international organizations with a proven methodology to slow global warming. These entities can then implement these proven methods at scale to give the world much-needed time to implement long-term sustainable energy and conservation solutions. Our Ideal Executive Director Candidate: You are a strategic and inspirational leader who will provide direction and leadership for the organization’s mission, vision and development. You will represent the organization and its work to potential funders and adopters. You will oversee the leadership team to advance the organization’s strategic vision, goals and objectives, including dialog with appropriate Federal, State and International organizations. As Executive Director you will Report to the Board of Directors, and in coordination with the Founder/CTO, you will provide direction and leadership for the organization’s mission, vision and development. You will represent the organization and its work to potential funders and adopters, oversee the leadership team to advance the organization’s strategic vision, goals and objectives. As Executive Director you will be responsible for effective and sustainable programs, management oversight of personnel, sound fiscal management, and furthering the organization’s strategic goals. While the organization undergoes rapid growth, you will use your skills to work directly to cover various operational tasks as needed, while leading in the recruitment and hiring of key new staff. You will help raise private and institutional funds to support technical programs and projects, expanding organizational capacity and policy outreach efforts. All staff members and volunteers will report directly or indirectly to you. Strong candidates will possess the following personal core competencies: Experience building a thriving, effective and strong organization. Know how to set a fast-organizational development pace and execute to meet that pace. Have a strong strategic acumen. Manage with integrity and have a high EQ. Experience working effectively with a wide range of stakeholders Example responsibilities aligned by Executive Director core competencies: Experience building a thriving, effective and strong organization Lead the development and execution of Ice911’s strategic plan, with a deep discussion of organizational priorities and the revenues available to support them. Manage and provide leadership to existing and future staff to build a strong and cohesive team across the organization. Support the Board of Directors to build capacity related to priority areas identified during the strategic planning process. Maintain a solid understanding of the different programmatic components that comprise Ice911’s portfolio. Identify best practices and improve internal systems with an eye toward future needs and budgetary realities. Assure that internal procedures and processes are robust, portfolio and fiscal management is transparent and accurate, and all reporting systems are high-quality and efficient. Develop and recommend to Board a yearly budget for approval and manage the organization's resources within those budget guidelines according to current laws and regulations. Measure the effectiveness of all internal and external processes; implement process improvements to drive effectiveness. Provide timely, accurate and complete reports on the operating and financial condition of the organization; implement performance improvement plans where necessary. Manage the human resources of the organization according to authorized policies and procedures in accordance with current laws and regulations. Assure Ice911 Research follows all regulatory requirements. Know how to set a fast-organizational pace and executing to meet that pace Expeditiously recruit, hire, and supervise a well-qualified and capable staff. Identify and pursue donor and grant funding opportunities on a regular basis. Understand how to manage change in a rapidly evolving organization. Know how to manage and lead people through the difficulties associated with rapid organizational growth. Have a strong strategic acumen Demonstrate ability to think broadly and creatively. Observe and respond adeptly to fluctuations and changes in the external environment and Ice911 partnerships. Develop and maintain local, national and international professional relationships and partnerships that help attract resources and deepen organizational impact and outreach. Lead Ice911 in a manner supporting and guiding the Organization’s vision and mission as defined by the Board of Directors. Manage with integrity and have a high EQ Develop trust and respect with all stakeholders. Work effectively and constructively with the Founder/CTO. Know how to work with a broad spectrum of personalities and differing skills and priorities. Experience working effectively with a wide range of stakeholders Develop strong relationships with current donors and cultivate relationships with potential donors to secure the resources and the operating support necessary to meet Ice911’s goals and objectives. Establish and maintain effective relationships with key staff at international, national, regional and state levels to facilitate exposure, permitting, public-private partnerships and new opportunities. Identify and pursue donor and grant funding opportunities on a regular basis. Communicate with donors, grant funders, and Ice911’s Board about the financial and operational health of the Organization. Responsible for maintaining open channels for effective communication between the Executive Director and the Board and assuring, in a timely and accurate manner, the Board receives all information necessary for it to function properly and make timely and appropriately informed decisions. Build and maintain strong relationships with donors, scientific and technical communities, the public, and policy regulators. Personal Qualifications: Strong candidates will possess many of the following Understanding of environmental regulatory processes. Experience with non-profit organizations. International experience negotiating and collaborating with potential partners. Experience in scaling up organizations, especially in the non-profit sector. Real-world experience in bringing technical solutions to reality. Ability to co-create and execute an exciting vision and strategic plan. Demonstrated leadership in working with a variety of stakeholders, both internal and external, to lead an organization to success. Required skills & experience Minimum of five years of progressively more responsible experience in senior leadership and management of a not-for-profit, for-profit, government or a comparable organization. Advanced degree and/or demonstrated professional experience in a field directly related to Ice911’s mission and our work. Demonstrated initiative. Demonstrated excellent speaking and writing skills. Demonstrated commitment to environmental issues. A track record of thinking broadly and creatively. A reputation for good judgment, fairness and integrity. Proven ability to work well with others who are in a variety of roles, such as Board members, colleagues, direct reports, customers, consultants, student interns, volunteers, funders and regulators. Demonstrated success in leading effective teams. A reputation for insisting on excellence and coaching others to deliver it. Demonstrated skill in organizational development, personnel management, budget and resource development, and strategic planning. Demonstrated flexibility, ability to multitask; and ability to succeed in an ambiguous, fast-moving environment, while also driving toward clarity and solutions. Natural leader and motivator of people; able to attract, develop, retain and promote key talent, while driving collaborative, inclusive and respectful teamwork across the organization. Start date As soon as possible but no later than June 2020. Deadline for applications January 15th or until position is filled. Travel Estimated at 25% for meetings, fieldwork, policy outreach, fundraising and other purposes. Compensation Ice911 Research offers a competitive compensation package including full medical and dental benefits. We recognize the value of employee work-life balance and provide generous vacation and holiday benefits including paid time-off between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Though candidates from beyond the Bay Area are encouraged to apply, funds are not currently available for relocation or housing assistance. Confidential Application Process Email your cover letter (Word or PDF document) summarizing your interest, experience, fit with desired qualifications and compensation requirements along with current resume. Please put “Ice911 Executive Director Search” in the subject field. Resumes must have a cover letter in order to be considered. Inquiries from candidates are welcomed and can also be directed to Steve. The Ice911 Research current office and laboratory is located in Redwood City, Silicon Valley, California, U.S.A. Equal Opportunity Employer: All candidates are welcome. Ice911 Research is committed to diversity and inclusion and prohibits discrimination based on any protected characteristic, including discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, citizenship, political activity or affiliation, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information veteran status, military status, sexual orientation sex or gender (which includes harassment and discrimination based on gender identity, gender expression transgender status, pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), taking or requesting statutorily protected leave, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws.