Ripple Foods

At Ripple, we believe that the recipe for healthy living is actually really easy.

Maybe you're trying to eat a few more vegetables, or simply adding more colorful foods to your plate. Maybe you're trying to eat a little less meat, or more whole grains. Whatever the choice and no matter how small, the great thing about those little choices is that they all add up. Changing the way you eat tends to have a ripple effect (get it?!) on how you live. Before you know it, you're feeling stronger, healthier and more energetic. Life is good.

We also believe food is one of life's great pleasures. Going dairy-free or trying to eat healthfully shouldn't be a sacrifice. We're taking a stand against dairy alternatives that are thin, chalky, or anything less than delicious. When you choose dairy-free, you shouldn't have to give up great taste. That's why we've made Ripple dairy-free, as it should be: a great source of protein, with half the sugar of dairy milk, and most importantly, rich, creamy, & delicious.

Ripple Foods Berkeley, CA, USA
Jan 08, 2020
Full time role
Ripple is looking for a Director - Product Development & Commercialization to help further strengthen our Product Commercialization Team. Reporting to our Product Commercialization lead, this person will have an integral role in managing a team of Product Developers, as well as leading cross-functional project teams in both innovation & optimization projects, to grow our portfolio of products. We are looking for a candidate with a solid food science foundation, a project management skillset, and proven leadership skills. AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY A successful candidate will be an integral member of the product commercialization team, Specific tasks include: Manage a team of 5+ product developers, in addition to outside consultants. Help team optimize formulations and process, as well as troubleshoot when the need arises. Develops deep partnerships with functions across Ripple and works with other leads to ensure staffing and prioritization of resources Embraces...