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Jun 18, 2020
Full time role
For centuries, human beings have been treating Earth like a rental rather than the one and only suitable place for life as we know it. We’ve let pollution rise to dangerous and increasingly deadly levels, and trashed the natural world in countless other ways. The result is a climate emergency that is already killing countless thousands of people, displacing millions more, and sowing the seeds of famine, drought, epidemic disease, and war across the world. Unless you believe that we are on the cusp of historic and global breakthroughs in policy and individual behavior, we have to get much more aggressive about directly pursuing solutions. To that end, Lowercarbon Capital invests in planet-healing technologies to (1) reduce CO 2   emissions, (2) remove carbon from the atmosphere, and (3) buy more time in case (1) and (2) take longer than we hope. Most of our investments are in early-stage companies, but we also work with nonprofits, activists, and academic...