Hempitecture Inc.

Hempitecture is a Public Benefit Corporation that distributes and builds with sustainable, plant based materials. Our products and methods are plant based, carbon storing, and non toxic. 

$20.00 - $30.00 hourly
Hempitecture Inc.
Mar 27, 2020
Part Time
Hempitecture is seeking a Building Apprentice for upcoming hempcrete projects. Hemp lime, also known as hempcrete, is an earthen building strategy that involves mixing hemp and lime and casting it in form boards. It requires quasi-masonry and quasi-carpentry skills.  Hempcrete is a carbon cured insulation material that actually absorbs CO2 into the composite. We need at least one apprentice to work with Hempitecture on high profile building projects across the US. Term is negotiable, and could be contract specific, i.e: One project or multiple projects. The ideal candidate: Strong carpentry skills great attitude, amiable, flexible, friendly polished presentation enjoys working hard and seeing the results of their labor willing to travel and be placed in accommodations out of their control On site experience is required - must be familiar with the unique dynamics of custom construction sites High attention to detail, craft Understanding of architectural plans a plus, not a must Must be willing to follow all directions and with measured detail Enjoys fun, recreating when not working.  For more information on hempcrete, visit www.Hempitecture.com/hempcrete Are you ready to work with Hempitecture on projects that will become world famous?
Hempitecture Inc. Remote (Ketchum, ID, USA)
Mar 06, 2020
Hempitecture Inc. is seeking a Sales intern to help scale building materials sales for this emerging startup. Primarily, you will focus on tending to client accounts and secondarily, you will be responsible for lead generation.  Sales experience a must. Adept at communication, both verbally and in writing.  CRM experience preferred.  Self starter. Motivated and organized is a must.  Able to work independently and in groups  Climate / environmental / building background is preferred.  Must be mission aligned: you believe that sustainable materials can lead to happier, healthier, more sustainable lives. Able to deliver weekly progress reports. Culture: enjoys outdoors & values nature, curious, ambitious.