Climate change is everyone's responsibility and stopping it the most important task of our time. We need more ambitious politics and more responsible companies, and we need solutions for individuals to fight climate change. The most essential requirement for our survival is that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not increase any further. Compensate is a nonprofit on a mission to combat climate change by offering people ways to offset the emissions of everyday life.
Compensate Helsinki, Finland
Nov 26, 2020
  About Compensate Compensate is a nonprofit combating climate change by offering everyone easy access to the highest quality carbon capture. By combining both the nonprofit and the startup mindset, our scalable business model ultimately serves people and the Earth. Learn more: Seeking a React Native Developer We're looking for a mobile app developer with dazzling programming skills and an inclination to think about the big picture. We're creating an iOS & Android app to make it FUN and EASY to fight climate change. The ambition level for the app is high: we're talking global reach, tens of millions of users. We aim to deliver sublime, world-class quality. By the way, if "app" sounds too dry to you, we can also call it a "philanthropic entertainment and climate enlightenment product". In fact, for 2021, we plan to gamify like madlads and evolve it into an actionable, impactful experience. These are the requirements for your role:...
Compensate Helsinki, Finland
Oct 30, 2020
About Compensate Compensate is a non-profit enterprise that focuses on preventing climate change by enabling compensation of everyday purchases and thus creating possibilities for a carbon-negative life. The foundation directs the compensation payments in full to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Read more about Compensate: About the role Compensate is looking to hire a strong leader and operator to build and run our Sales function and lead key partner relationships to drive our growth. In this role, you will need to formulate and execute a clear Sales strategy based on an overwhelming inbound interest across a wide range of potential partners. The Head of Sales will lead our sales team, acting as a mentor to team members and supporting them in closing sales deals, whilst assessing how to set the team up for scale. You will have an amazing opportunity to help Compensate accelerate our existing momentum, scale our business...