Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

$400 yearly
Factory Farming Awareness Coalition Remote
May 26, 2020
FFAC INSPIRES AND EMPOWERS INDIVIDUALS AND INSTITUTIONS TO CREATE A MORE JUST, COMPASSIONATE, AND SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEM. Are you interested in combating climate change? Do you want to build professional skills to advocate for social justice? The Factory Farming Awareness Coalition Summer 2020 National College Internship program is for college students that are passionate about educating the public about the impacts of our food choices. Through administrative work, mentorship, and analytical discussion, interns gain valuable tools to become compassionate leaders. RESPONSIBILITIES Depending on personal skills and interest, students who are selected will be trained to do some or all of the following: Give presentations regarding the health, social justice and environmental impacts of animal agriculture Promote Green Mondays and/or DefaultVeg on their campus or in their city Table/Leaflet to raise awareness about factory farming (leaflets will be sent to...