• Hawaii, USA
$60,000 - $120,000 yearly
Sep 24, 2020
Full Time
Hi! RIZOME is a pioneering climate company that manufactures bamboo engineered lumber, and develops large-scale agroforestry and reforestation globally.  We're looking for our first full-time sales lead to develop the US market for our bamboo products. We have deep relationships within the lumber and biomass industries, and are looking to develop sales channels to furniture/flooring/cabinet companies, wood distributors, retail, and strategic partnerships with biomass/electricity companies for our waste streams. We're primarily operating in the Philippines with headquarters and sales in the US, but our operation is increasingly global. We are a distributed team. If you are passionate about climate, forest restoration, wood products, building materials, and have the drive to sell a pioneering product in new markets, please reach out.  Compensation is base + commission + early employee equity. Check us out at http://rizomeco.com/ Here’s a link to our medium page...
Aug 19, 2020
Hey! We're looking for a passionate climate advocate to join our team at Earthshot. We are releasing an investment platform for nature-based climate solutions and ecological restoration, and would love your help to get the word out. You can see the beta version at earthshot.eco. We would love a part-time contributor to post on social media and other channels (like climate slack communities, newsletters, investment and sustainability blogs, get stories on media channels) and potentially run ads (facebook etc) to drive traffic to the site so we can plant more trees and scale ecosystem restoration. For now this is an internship or volunteer position to hack together on this project for a month to see if we would like to keep working together longer-term :) Have a beautiful day! Troy and Sam @ Earthshot