LineVision enables utilities to improve transmission line capacity, resilience and safety through advanced, non-contact sensors and analytics. LineVision’s solution provides utility clients with previously unavailable visibility on asset health and safety for optimized asset management. LineVision’s turnkey, non-contact systems can be rapidly deployed without the need for outages, live line work or specialized equipment. LineVision is dedicated to helping utilities optimize the performance of the electric power grid.

LineVision Remote (Somerville, MA, USA)
Jun 20, 2020
LineVision Inc. is working to monitor, optimize, and protect the world’s critical energy infrastructure. We are an innovative technology company that works with electric utilities and pipeline companies around the world to unlock new intelligence from previously unavailable data sources, providing operators and engineers with a new level of understanding of their critical infrastructure. Our unique sensor technology enables stakeholders with information and tools to turn static infrastructure into dynamic, optimized assets to reduce risks and plan for the future. Through our non-contact overhead powerline monitoring sensors and sophisticated cloud-based analytics, we open the door for new actionable insights into the real-time status and long-term health of energy delivery assets. With LineVision you can monitor assets continuously to gain real-time situational awareness detecting anomalies to take immediate action and optimize your delivery assets to extend lifetime....