Carbon Plan

Addressing the crisis of climate change requires action on several fronts. We now need large-scale deployment of carbon removal alongside critical reductions in emissions. Carbon removal refers to natural or technological approaches for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
We're a non-profit that analyzes carbon removal opportunities based on the best available science and data. We help organizations make specific decisions towards their carbon removal goals. And we work collaboratively to build open tools and resources for the evaluation and deployment of carbon removal and other climate solutions.
Carbon Plan Remote
Jun 30, 2020
Full time role
CarbonPlan is a non-profit working on the data and science of carbon removal and climate solutions. We aim to ensure the quality, scientific integrity, and transparency of climate solutions, and we work across a range of approaches — forests, soil, air capture, mineralization, energy, and more. We analyze solutions based on the best available science and data and build open source tools and data products. We work directly with decision makers across the public and private sector to help them achieve ambitious climate goals. You can read more about our work on  our website . As the first Software engineer / Data scientist on our Technology team, you will contribute to CarbonPlan’s core technical and scientific activities, filling a hybrid role that includes data engineering, data analysis, machine learning, data visualization, and web development. Our core software tools are open source, and we build visualizations for broad audiences. If you’re excited...