Software Engineer

  • Enbala
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Mar 19, 2020
Full Time Engineering: Software

Job Description

Enbala Power Networks is looking for a full-time, full-stack Software Engineer with experience working on modern web software and an interest in functional programming. Our products are leading the charge to a sustainable and green energy future by enabling power grid operators to increase their usage of renewable energy that serve customers and industry across the world. Your work would be making a difference in the lives of the entire planet's inhabitants. This role is based in our North Vancouver, Canada office.

About you

• You have professional experience in the software industry, having had experience in multiple working environments over at least four years of full-time work
• You have a CS or related degree, or a good understanding of computer science fundamentals and drive to learn more
• You are a language generalist, or at least have an interest in diversifying your stack, and you’re anywhere between having a mild interest in and being an advocate for the functional programming paradigm
• You write good and clean code with well-reasoned design and architecture decisions and tradeoffs, and have a consistent track record for delivering well-baked and bug-free features
• You are an independent and self-motivated problem solver; tough challenges to solve get you excited and we have no shortage of excitement awaiting you
• You can quickly and effectively respond to incidents and fixing bugs in unfamiliar system, and believe that debugging is a science (and optionally an art)
• You have a firm belief in the necessity in testing your work and providing Xunit tests to ensure a common level of code coverage is maintained
• You are passionate about your work with a strong attention to detail, as well as an interest in and eye for building great user experiences
• You are a strong communicator and are comfortable and capable of working with many stakeholders in the development process such as customers, product managers, sales, operations and other engineering team members
• You are experienced in the Agile SDLC whether that flavor is SCRUM, Kanban or a hybrid SCRUMban.
• You are willing to learn from a team with a diverse set of skills and qualifications, as well as challenge team members to help them learn and grow
• You require minimal direction and oversight in your day-to-day job, and can work independently on medium-sized projects without substantial direction
• You are capable of having end-to-end responsibility on projects and products of increasing complexity and have an interest in contributing to common code

Projects you might do

• Bootstrap a central service of users using Elixir, Phoenix and PostgreSQL and migrate our products to use the service instead, and then write the Chef recipe so it can be deployed easily
• Respond to an outage on a system on which you have little familiarity and get it running again quickly
• Work with a third-party company to build an API integration that imports real-time data into Enbala databases in a robust, performant and extendable way
• Develop a user-friendly interface using the latest web technologies like Elm and backend systems in Elixir

Technologies we use

We currently have a suite of products written in Elixir and are transitioning towards a unified Elm/Elixir stack. You do not need to have experience with all of these technologies and practices, but candidates who most closely match our stack will be preferred, in order of importance:

• Elixir with Phoenix
• Elm
• GraphQL
• Git
• Agile SDLC
• PostgreSQL
• Amazon AWS
• Pivotal Tracker
• Confluence

About us

• The Enbala team is an eclectic, passionate and multi-faceted group of men and women. Engineers, scientists, developers, smart energy experts, marketers, solutions architects, business executives, product managers, UIX designers, business development professionals…these and the unique skill sets of many others have made us who we are today – and what we will be come tomorrow. There is one underlying element that is shared by everyone who works at Enbala: we are all passionate about creating a sustainable energy future.
• We consider it our job to build the best work environment to make our team successful and engaged in their work; we try our hardest to build a compelling environment which provides endless opportunities to learn, an engaging and exciting culture and team of smart team members to learn from
• We offer competitive salaries and benefits rarely seen in today’s cost critical corporate environments 
• We encourage a blameless culture: when mistakes are made, we focus on fixing organizational problems that caused the problem so that we can prevent them from happening again
• We work asynchronously to ensure we work effectively as a distributed team: on any given day we may have our team in the office, working remotely, working from home or travelling for work. We strive to ensure everybody can provide their input no matter where they are
• We believe in working hard when there is important work to be done, and balancing hard work with a strong quality of life



Climate Solutions

Grid Flexibility, Smart Grids

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Mid Level  

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