Founder - environmental markets

  • Deep Science Ventures
  • Remote (London, UK)
  • Apr 29, 2020
Full Time Business Development Data Analyst Data Scientist Engineering: Electrical Engineering: Hardware Engineering: Software Executive / Director Finance Fundraising Research

Job Description


Reinvent markets to better serve the environment

In order to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change, radical changes to human activity are required, as of yesterday. Part of this required upheaval includes the massive deployment of Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs). Currently, the global capacity for CO2 removal is on the order of 10 - 1,000 ktCO2yr-1. To limit global median warming to 1.5oC above pre-industrial levels, a 1,000-100,000x increase in Negative Emission capacity is needed within 30 years (as outlined by the IPCC and other bodies).

So, why is there so little happening? Fundamentally, very few entities are willing to pay to take excess CO2 from the air and return it to the ground. There is too little demand, and therefore there is too little supply. Entities are unwilling to pay for CO2 removal as there is no incentive for them to do so. Even where there is an incentive, devoting resources to CO2 removal is seen as an opportunity cost relative to business-as-usual activities.

To increase supply, demand must be increased. To increase demand, the economy must be restructured to overcome constraints that mean the healthy environment is undervalued.

How might we redesign markets to better serve the environment? Your mission is to identify the innovations which have the greatest potential to accelerate the transition to net-zero, and then to build the companies that will take us there.

About you

You are driven by the mission to transition to net-zero as fast as possible. You are determined to build a company that benefits humanity. You are collaborative, committed to your teammates, and able to communicate clearly. You are comfortable challenging and being challenged. You are comfortable working and iterating quickly, and find uncertainty exciting rather than daunting. Going up steep learning curves excites you. You bring a mix of technical expertise in a related field (see below), are entrepreneurial at your core, always asking why to get to first principles, highly creative in your solutions and actively enjoy building network, both of peers and more senior, around the problems and opportunities that you go after.

You have a practical ability in at least one of the following:

● Mathematics, statistics

● AI/ML, data science

● General software engineering

● Blockchain

● Financial modelling

● Policy innovation

● Governmental environmental policy

● Corporate environmental policy

● Financial instrument design

● Carbon markets (especially EU ETS)

● Climate law

● Contract law

Our offer

An opportunity to co-found a company and receive pre-seed investment within three months of joining. We’ll work closely with you on venture de-risking and make sure there’s the right team (including advisors), funding and commercial traction in place before spinning-out.

At DSV, we have partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies in the industry to support our teams working on transition to clean fuels. There’s up to £500k of investment, and at least £100k in grant funding, plus the further opportunity to carry out 6 figure industrial proof of concept work.

No prior idea or IP required.

Organization type

Company,   Capital Investor  


1-10 employees  


Ecosystems & Biodiversity, Capital Investment, Education & Research, Population Growth, Supporting Catalysts, Manufacturing