Executive Business Partner to CEO

  • Scoop
  • San Francisco, California
  • Mar 18, 2020

Job Description

About Scoop

Scoop brings co-workers and neighbors together to enjoy a smooth carpooling experience—unlocking new opportunities to create friendships, improve their well-being, and make the most of their valuable time.

The Role

Scoop is hiring an Executive Business Partner (EBP) to Rob Sadow, Scoop’s CEO.

We believe that a great Executive Business Partner is a strategic difference-maker for companies and leaders, extends beyond administrative support to act as a force multiplier for executives, in addition to functioning as part of the company’s management team and capable of acting or making decisions on their executives’ behalf.

We are looking for someone who views the world and opportunity of the Executive Business Partner in the same way that we do.

You are incredibly sharp, driven, and a constant learner. You believe that being an EBP is an incredibly powerful career path, not a stepping stone. You are deeply relationship-oriented and understand the value in building relationships with not only Rob, but all Scoop team members, that will allow you to anticipate needs, intuit the dynamics of the team, and seamlessly step into and out of workflows across the company. You are a team player with high EQ, and believe that the way you get something done is as important as getting it done.

Key Characteristics & Responsibilities

  • Exceptional communication skills. You are both a talented writer and articulate speaker, able to convey complex ideas and communicate with clarity, confidence, and authority. You always come across as professional with consideration for the right tone for any audience or situation.
  • Master of logistics with an eye for detail. You never drop the ball on calendar management, email correspondence, travel, or logistics. You are comfortable managing agendas for critical meetings, taking notes, and following-up on the status of any actions needed from the meeting.
  • Ability to anticipate. You have a special knack for “seeing around corners”. You anticipate needs before they arise, and make sure all meeting attendees (including Rob) are prepared and able to make meetings both efficient and successful.
  • Ensure delegation and prioritization. You have a crystal clear understanding of Rob’s top priorities and how those drive company performance and culture. You act as the initial filter on Rob’s time and attention while avoiding the stigma of gatekeeper. 
  • Utmost discretion. You have a strong sense of integrity and maintain total confidentiality, both internally and externally.    
  • Constantly learning. You have a natural curiosity for how things work and are always looking to grow both your core skills and your broader knowledge base. You are comfortable giving and receiving direct, actionable feedback.

For this role, you will have:

  • 10+ years experience partnering with C-Suite
  • Experience working in fast-paced, high growth technology companies (startup a plus)

Life @ Scoop

Founded in 2015 and based in downtown SF, our team mixes technology and elbow grease every day, with one statistic in our crosshairs: 80% of Americans drive alone to work. At Scoop, we envision a world where commuters feel empowered — starting with a choice to make their commute a meaningful part of their day. We embody that same spirit within our own culture, empowering every team member to make this the most meaningful experience of their career.

Walk into Scoop and you’ll find a furry, tail-wagging welcoming committee. In many ways these fluffy faces exemplify the energy that flows through our office. They are a reminder that while we’re focused and driven, we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. They also help bridge the gap between our homes and our workplace, just like a Scoop carpool.

The atmosphere overall is dynamic and unique. It’s influenced by our backgrounds at successful startups, big tech companies, and premier consulting firms — blended and crafted into what feels natural and right for this company. It plays out in our balance of scrappy and strategic, frameworks and fast thinking.

At Scoop, we’re all united by our desire to change the way people get to work — and committed to enjoying the journey together along the way.




51-200 employees  

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Will sponsor Visa