Research Associate

  • C16 Biosciences
  • New York, NY
  • Apr 21, 2020

Job Description

At C16 Biosciences, we believe that palm oil doesn’t have to be a problem. Our team is building a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to “conflict palm oil,” which relies on tropical rainforest deforestation and emits over 1 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. C16 Bio’s technology platform harnesses naturally-occurring biological processes, improved by the latest innovations in strain engineering, fermentation, and low-cost lipid extraction to produce a better kind of palm oil.

C16 Biosciences is seeking a research associate to support our efforts in microbial engineering, fermentation, and extraction of fermentation products. You will be a critical member of a tight-knit R&D team focused on developing a sustainable path for palm oil production. The ideal candidate will be motivated, independent, enthusiastic about microbiology and genetic engineering, and passionate about sustainability.

Major Responsibilities

  • Optimize genetic engineering platform for oleaginous yeast
  • Run medium- and high-throughput screens for microbial production of specialized products
  • Prepare and analyze microbial product samples using GCMS and HPLC
  • Independently study state of the art of laboratory culture of yeasts
  • Assist with extraction and recovery of oil product through centrifugation and laboratory-scale solvent extraction processes

Minimum Qualifications

  • BA in biology, chemistry, biological engineering, chemical engineering, or related field
  • 2 years in a biology lab environment and experience with aseptic technique
  • Good understanding of basic molecular biological processes such as PCR, plasmid preparation, yeast and bacterial transformation
  • Good understanding of microbiological concepts such as growth media, antibiotic selection, growth curves
  • Knowledge of basic statistical analysis methods
  • High attention to detail and excellent notebook maintenance
  • Excellent communicator of scientific results and insights
  • Self-motivated and independent operator, willing to proactively pitch in on work outside of core responsibilities
  • US work authorization required--- C16 Biosciences is unfortunately unable to sponsor work visas

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with high-throughput biology
  • Experience with databases, scripting or programming for data analysis
  • Prior experience with genetic engineering of yeast
  • Prior experience with microbial fermentation