Research Fellow – Oceans

  • Project Drawdown
  • Remote
  • May 13, 2020
Part Time, Contract, Paid Fellowship Fellowship / Internship Research

Job Description

Project Drawdown is the world’s leading resource for climate solutions.

Founded in 2014, Project Drawdown® is a nonprofit organization that seeks to help the world reach “Drawdown”— the future point in time when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline.

Since the 2017 publication of the New York Times bestseller, Drawdown, the organization has emerged as a leading resource for information and insight about climate solutions. We continue to develop that resource by conducting rigorous review and assessment of climate solutions, creating compelling and human communication across mediums, and partnering with efforts to accelerate climate solutions globally.

Cities, universities, corporations, philanthropies, policymakers, communities, and more turn to Project Drawdown, as they look to advance effective climate action. We aim to support the growing constellation of efforts to move climate solutions forward and move the world toward Drawdown—as quickly, safely, and equitably as possible.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Project Drawdown is funded by individual and institutional donations.


About the Position

Project Drawdown is currently recruiting for 1-2 research analysts for our Oceans project. The primary goals of the Project Drawdown Oceans project are to:

  1. Create an Oceans data model that analyzes the potential for marine climate solutions to reduce emissions, sequester carbon, and improve economic and social outcomes; and, to integrate this model with existing sector models to expand the overall global systems analysis.
  2. Integrate the results from the oceans model into all drawdown communications, coalitions, and curriculum efforts.
  3. Regularly update the oceans model with the latest data and research to ensure its accuracy and usefulness to target audiences in perpetuity.

The result of this project is for marine climate solutions to be known widely and publicly alongside already prominent sectors such as energy and transport, just as Project Drawdown has highlighted the impact of the agriculture and food sectors.  Ultimately, this will further global understanding of the potential for marine solutions and drive investment and implementation in this crucial area.


  • Support data collection and methodology revision for Ocean solutions.
  • Identify and scope new solutions and coming attractions for inclusion in future publications.
  • Communicate with Senior Fellow for Oceans and Drawdown staff as needed.


  • Completed master’s degree required, PhD or equivalent work experience preferred. Candidates currently enrolled in a master’s program will be considered in circumstances where the candidate’s course work will be centered on the subject matter of the fellowship.
  • 5+ years of experience in sustainability, renewable energy, energy efficiency, bio-sequestration, land use, agriculture, international development, climate modeling, or related field.
  • Experience in quantitative analysis, data modeling or econometrics required.
  • Strong research, analysis and writing skills. Demonstrated ability to conduct research and produce scholarly work.
  • Experience with preparing clear, compelling, and high-quality reports and presentations. Project management skills, capable of meeting deadlines.
  • Interest in and ability to work remotely, yet in collaboration with a team of researchers in different time zones.
  • Comfort with teleconferencing technologies. Ability to participate in videoconferences between the hours of 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Pacific Time.

The ideal candidate will have experience in interdisciplinary science and modeling and a desire to build on this as a researcher. The candidate will also be creative in linking scholarship with practice. Candidates should be vitally interested in climate solutions.

This is a part-time, temporary position for 3 months.

Location: Work is conducted remotely, worldwide.

Organization type



11-50 employees  


Ecosystems & Biodiversity, Education & Research, Supporting Catalysts

Climate Solutions

Wave and Tidal, Coastal Wetlands, Ocean Farming, Seaweed Livestock Feed (asparagopsis taxiformis)