Chief Technology Officer

  • Cloverly
  • Birmingham, AL, USA
  • May 18, 2020
Executive / Director

Job Description

Cloverly has built an API for carbon offsets. We will be replacing our current CTO (amicably) and wamt to bring on the replacement before the current one leaves. The person should be ready to build today and grow tomorrow. The current stack is written with a mix of Ruby (Rails / Grape) + JavaScript + Postgres. For the short run, you’ll be a one-person engineering team. During that time, we anticipate you’ll be fixing small bugs and mistakes that the current CTO wrote. The primary assets are our API (Grape), dashboard (Rails), and Shopify integration (Rails + JavaScript). After the initial understanding, you'll launch our API out of beta, take the dashboard to the next level, and build out the technical team.

Cloverly is a small, well-funded product team out of Birmingham, Alabama, wholly owned by Southern Company. The product is an API for carbon offsets that powers positive environmental initiatives (with rapid growth in the ecommerce and transportation industries).

You'll need the following skills and knowledge:

  • Prioritization among a sea of infinite options
  • Understanding of the stack from DNS to Rails to JavaScript
  • Optimizing and scaling an API
  • Understanding of business needs with regards to technology
  • Budgeting and planning

Will sponsor Visa


Organization type



1-10 employees  


Supporting Catalysts

Climate Solutions

Carbon Offsets