Research Associate (Strain Engineering)

  • C16 Biosciences
  • New York, NY
  • May 23, 2020

Job Description

At C16 Biosciences, we believe that palm oil doesn’t have to be a problem. Our team is building a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to “conflict palm oil,” which relies on tropical rainforest deforestation and emits over 1 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. C16 Bio’s technology platform harnesses naturally-occurring biological processes, improved by the latest innovations in strain engineering, fermentation, and low-cost lipid extraction to produce a better kind of palm oil.
As a Strain Engineering Research Associate, you will be at the forefront of our R&D team. You will utilize your microbiology skills to generate new and exciting strains to meet C16 Bio’s goal of producing a truly sustainable palm oil alternative. Your projects will range from improving the productivity of C16’s strains, modifying strains for greater resilience and tolerance, or even creating novel compounds through strain engineering. Key activities include creating new genetic constructs, assisting with genetic transformation, and developing new molecular biology tools to enhance C16’s engineering capabilities. We seek a diligent, curious individual passionate about microbiology. Candidates for this position should possess a BS degree and excellent communication, documentation, and time management skills.

Major Responsibilities

  • Support the Strain Engineering team by executing core components of the workflow: designing and molecular cloning of new genetic constructs; transformation of microbial strains; and evaluation of transformant libraries
  • Maintain the integrity and quality of C16’s strain library
  • Conduct flow cytometry assays to validate transformation efficiency
  • Document and present lab operations and experimental data to broader R&D team
  • Manage inventory and organization for lab consumables and tools
  • Ensure cleanliness and operational readiness of laboratory instruments
  • Prepare and autoclave reagents and media required for laboratory experiments

Minimum Qualifications

  • BS degree in Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biological Engineering, or related field
  • Research experience in a biological wetlab setting
  • Comfort with basic laboratory techniques, including aseptic technique, microbial cell culture, agar plate preparation, and microscopy
  • Experience with basic engineering techniques such as PCR and gel electrophoresis
  • Excellent verbal, written, and scientific documentation skills
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills
  • True, proactive team player: As a member of a small team, you will sometimes need to volunteer and contribute to activities outside your responsibilities
  • Independent, inquisitive thinker: You will be asked to present your findings on executed experiments and draw conclusions and recommendations for the broader R&D team
  • US Work Eligibility: While we are interested in every qualified candidate who is eligible to work in the United States. However, C16 Biosciences is regrettably unable to sponsor visas.

Preferred Qualifications

  • 2+ years of industry experience, preferably at an early-stage company
  • Previous experience with molecular cloning, relevant supporting techniques (e.g., plasmid design), and relevant computation and software tools (e.g., SnapGene, BLAST)
  • Experience with data analysis and scientific computing (e.g. MATLAB)