Solar Project Developer

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  • Jun 18, 2020
Part Time

Job Description

Solar Project Developer

Create your own green job by becoming a Raise Green Originator. This position entails the creation and management of your own solar project company. Raise Green will equip you with the necessary tools to create, fund, and build, your own community-scale solar project. 


For those looking to enter the clean energy industry or those with prior experience, this is a great opportunity to learn and build an energy project while striving to generate a positive impact in your community. The position is unpaid in the traditional sense, as individual profits will depend on the success of your project. Raise Green will assist you on each step of the way and in response, we take 5% of the total amount raised and a 1-9% equity stake in your project.Think of this as a clean energy franchise - you are your own boss and will be responsible for running a new company that owns and operates the solar project.


This position is unlike a typical developer — it requires someone, or a group of people, who are fundamentally interested in addressing climate change, creating local economic development and creating new investment pathways available to anyone. This requires a certain dedication to developing approaches to societal-scale change that rapidly innovate financial technologies, and also an ability to adapt to the fast-changing nature of managing an early stage startup. This is a full-time commitment during the creation, funding, and building phases of the project, and a part-time commitment for the lifetime of the project. 



  • Proximity to the location of your project
  • Dedication to your project for an extended period of time 
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills 
  • Passion for sustainability and social justice issues
  • Attention to detail 


  • Establishing a partnership with a local off-taker to purchase electricity of your new system
  • Creating and running your project-company 
  • Drafting documents to be used for a securities offering
  • Running a crowdfunding campaign and building stakeholder relationships 
  • Project managing the installation
  • Evaluating a variety of bids
  • Applying for permits and interconnection of your project to the electric grid
  • Sending monthly invoices
  • Distributing annual dividends
  • Paying taxes
  • Operations & Maintenance of the system or its components on an as needed basis


Interested? Please send a cover letter to In your cover letter, please include a brief description of your background and interest, as well as your project idea. This should include initial answers to the following questions where possible: 

What is the project idea?

  • Site description or address (where will the project be located? Do you need to get permission to use the site?)
  • System Design/Size, Cost if you have it (can get a quote at no cost at: or estimate sizes using Google Sunroof or Station A). 
  • Off-taker (who will buy the electricity? Do you have a recent electric bill?) 
  • Grants or incentives (what programs are you applying to or would like to pursue?)
  • Experience level in project area (e.g., worked in/developed solar, trained in engineering, project manager, other)
  • Name of Company (what do you want to call your company?) 
  • Timeline (how soon can you start, when do you want to have the project built?)

Disclosure Copy: This is an ADVERTISEMENT and does not constitute a contract, or formal offer of employment, nor does it constitute the sale or offer of securities in any way. The information provided here is not a comprehensive description of all aspects of the Originator role and thus meant for discussion purposes only.  Not all projects will be approved for listing on Raise Green.  Raise Green does not provide financial, legal, accounting or tax advice. For more information about Raise Green go to

Organization type



1-10 employees  


Energy, Food & Agriculture, Buildings & Cities, Ecosystems & Biodiversity, Transportation & Mobility, Waste Reduction & Circular Economy, Capital Investment, Advocacy & Activism, Education & Research, Manufacturing

Climate Solutions

Solar Farms, Rooftop Solar, Regenerative Agriculture, Electric Vehicles, Insulation, Bike Infrastructure, Water Distribution, Green Roofs, Energy Storage (Distributed), Air Quality Monitoring

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