Finance Assistant

  • Verra
  • Washington, DC, USA
  • Jul 10, 2020

Job Description

Verra is a global leader helping to tackle the world’s most intractable environmental and social challenges. As a mission-driven non-profit organization, Verra is committed to helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve livelihoods and protect natural resources across the private and public sectors. We support climate action and sustainable development with standards, tools and programs that credibly, transparently and robustly assess environmental and social impacts and enable funding for sustaining and scaling up projects that verifiably deliver these benefits. We work in any arena where we see a need for clear standards, a role for market-based mechanisms and an opportunity to generate significant environmental and social value.


A day in Verra’s collaborative office might include . . .
● Meeting with teams from across the organization (e.g., Registry, Program) to understand their financial management needs.
● Collaborating closely with the Director of Finance and Staff Accountant to support the financial management needs of the organization.
● Working with the rest of the Operations team as they collectively support Verra staff to help them perform their jobs more effectively.

Specific functions you will be responsible for
● Data entry of Verra Registry information into various financial systems; ensuring all
information is complete and accurate.
● Applying registry payments to the financial system and tying them to deposits in the Registry
bank account.
● Assisting the Verra Registry Team with any inquiries regarding billing.
● Calculating and keeping track of projects in the Registry that receive methodology
compensation from Verra.
● Serving as backup for payroll processing.


You bring with you . . .
● Solid communication skills, both written and verbal, with a professional proficiency in English.
● A track record of developing and maintaining strong working relationships with and among a
diverse group of stakeholders, and excellent customer service skills.
● Experience handling confidential and sensitive information.
● An Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, business or a related field.
● Advanced Excel skills, Quickbooks or comparable accounting software.
● Strong time management, attention to detail, analytical and interpersonal skills.
● At least 3 years of finance support experience.


In this role, you will grow and expand your expertise by . . .
● Mastering Verra’s financial procedures (e.g. grants management, accounts
payable/receivable, budgeting)
● Mastering Verra’s finance duties for the in-house registry
● Preparing reports for the Director of Finance


You will know you are successful, if . . .
● You are able to effectively support the financial and billing needs of the Verra Registry.
● You work seamlessly with the other Verra teams especially the Registry Team to deliver highquality
work products.
● You are able to take on additional finance tasks over time including payroll processing.
● You provide excellent customer service for internal and external stakeholders

You will join a team . . .
● From diverse locations and backgrounds, including carbon market experts, ex-government
representatives, auditors, and more.
● Committed to driving finance to projects and programs that advance climate action and
sustainable development through high-quality standards and programs.
● That embodies the values Verra has established for itself, and which include Teamwork,
Results, Integrity, Balance and Exploration (T.R.I.B.E).


Compensation at Verra
To help us attract and retain top talent, we pay employees competitively to the market. In return, we
expect each employee to, at a minimum:
• Meet expectations in terms of work effort and performance;
• Take the initiative to build the skills and knowledge needed to do their job effectively; and
• Embody Verra’s values.


For this position, the salary range is USD $45,756 to USD $52,231.
We will recognize employees who go beyond expected performance with salary increases and/or
promotions, but the bar for earning those rewards is high.


Salary is one component of Verra’s total compensation package which also includes:
• Health, vision and dental care, and life insurance;
• Verra contributions to each employee’s retirement plan;
• Verra contributions as required by national labor laws in countries where staff are located;
• Paid Time Off (PTO), sabbatical and other leave allowances; and
• Funds to support professional development.

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