Social Media Intern (Remote, Volunteer)

  • wEarthwhile
  • Remote
  • Jul 15, 2020

Job Description

Social Media Intern


***This position is remote or home-based. This position is also volunteer-based and unpaid. Workweek: 3 hours / week. 




You are passionate about spreading and amplifying environmental stories and voices, an aspiring environmental media, marketing, or social media management student or recent graduate, or looking to gain experience in these fields. We are a grassroots, not-for-profit organization, and we are quickly growing into a need for someone with skills and interest in social media management and advertising. There will be an introductory training session through zoom and after, you will have the opportunity to have a hands-on, career developing experience with us! Because we are new, and not full of experts, you have the chance to bring your skills and ideas to the table and be at the head of decision making. You will work closely with the founder of the organization to develop ideas on increasing our audience size through social media and spreading our main content – environmental stories. The Ideal Candidate will possess a strong knowledge of the social media landscape, especially on Facebook and Instagram. You will reach out to organizations that have similar content, execute some Facebook campaigns, build, monitor, and engage various Facebook Groups and forums. If you’re environmentally ambitious and driven, social savvy, engaging, creative, and looking to gain valuable online media experience, we welcome your application!



Job Duties:

- Monitoring trends on Facebook and Instagram

- Brainstorming and acting on ways to expand social media reach/increase engagement

- Reaching out to individuals on Facebook and Instagram who have an active interest in our posts

- Engaging other Facebook groups with our content

- Researching audiences and recommendations based on this


What You’ll Get:


At wEarthwhile, you’ll have the opportunity to be present and active in the decision-making process. A direct result is you’ll learn a lot about how to build a new organization: • How to execute a social media audit • Building better relationships with your consumer through social support • Content Curation • Marketing funnels • Audience research. A 6-month commitment with us, you’ll have the chance to get an official digital certificate.



Why Choose wEarthwhile?


The heart of our work is the work of our global volunteers. We work passionately toward the same goal – sharing global environmental experiences. You get the autonomy to excel and the ability to unleash your potential. Flexible and minimal work environment and remote work! As a volunteer role, we only expect a minimum of a couple of hours a week.


About Us:

wEarthWhile seeks to reconnect humanity back to Earth by addressing the issues facing the environment and, consequently, those in it. Work in the humanities is a real path for change because political marketing doesn’t appeal to people’s emotions the way that art and stories do. And it seems like getting people to connect to their own humanity and feelings is essential to our ability to connect and have compassion for others. We don’t want to distract, overwhelm, or create burden by adding more to social media with the endless stories surrounding the social sphere; the intention is to replace the focus back on the faces of the change. We don’t expect to approach society as what we think we want them to think, but instead what we want them to do and let them form what they should do.

|* This is an intergenerational fight. We don’t want to have reform that will end climate change and environmental struggles by 80%. We want 100% improvement. To humanize the lives of climate change. To put a face to its impacts. To shine a light on the mostly unseen. | *Social photography … let there be light.

wEarthWhile embodies social photography to shine a light on stories that aren’t accessible to the public. Our aim is to create a tool that primes for social reform or even a revolutionary movement. To be a part of that transition to fundamentally change how society views climate change and what is being done about it. The photoblog platform establishes positive and progressive discussion; at the heart of that is to include and recognize that people have feelings, experiences, beliefs, and inner conflicts that influence the way they perceive and assimilate information. The internet offers opportunities for greater transparency and public participation in our changing climate.


At WearthWhile, this is a collective effort. You will be a part of a team of people across the world contributing to stories. This enables us to get as many diverse stories as possible. Below broadly describes key accountabilities, skills, and experiences to become a volunteer.


1. Motivation: You have an incentive for contributing to the understanding of climate change and environmental problems.

2. Commitment: You’re willing and committed to contributing at least 2 stories every month to display on the website and social media platforms.

3. Promoting: Getting these stories out there means promoting the stories every which way we can. Share with your friends, on Facebook, get people involved in the discussion.

4. Volunteering: There is no profit made from this. This is purely to get stories out there and at no point will there be any profit made. There may be opportunities to fundraise for your local community who are impacted by climate change in the future.

5. Trust: Being involved in this membership is built on trust and honest transparency of the stories you’re obtaining.

6. Quality over quantity: I anticipate that photos capture the moment, the person, the experience and are of quality and aren’t rushed and that stories show integration of your interest in learning more about them, whether by asking them relevant questions and making them feel heard.

7. Safety: When interviewing strangers, it can be nerve-wracking! But your safety is first. Whether in a big city or traveling somewhere new, always take precaution approaching people.

8. Build on your understanding: Maintaining an open mind, being approachable, non-judgmental, and actively listen to these stories you’re obtaining.

Basic Requirements

· An ability to speak, read, and write English [need not be fluent or your first language].

· Another language is highly beneficial (i.e., Spanish, French, etc).

· An operating camera and internet access.

· An ability to translate between your language and English [optional].

· A basic understanding of climate change and its contemporary problems is beneficial.

· Commitment to submitting a story at least 2 days a month.

· Personal motivation to aid in climate change action.

· An open-mind and approachable attitude.

How to apply

1. Read through the packet.

2. To apply visit the job application google form (or apply through here) and submit your information.

Google form:

3. You should hear back about your membership acceptance within a week by email.

4. Interview

If accepted we will arrange an interview to discuss the job further and where to get started.

5. Welcome to the group! To get on board with us, we’ll have a zoom walk-through with screen-sharing capabilities to guide you through our social media pages and where we need the most work. 

Organization Type

Nonprofit,   Project  

Organization Size



Food & Agriculture, Ecosystems & Biodiversity, Advocacy & Activism, Research & Education