Senior Data Engineer

  • Afresh Technologies
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Aug 14, 2020

Job Description

At Afresh, we’re solving the big problems around food waste and the fresh food supply chain--focusing first in grocery. We use cutting-edge AI (we’ve been published in ICML!) combined with thoughtful design to enhance decision-making and optimize store workflows. The results are powerful: in live deployments in grocery stores, we have demonstrated the potential to double profits and reduce food waste by 50%+!

What will you be doing?

  • Building fast, reliable, scalable data pipelines that process over billions of historical data points collected from tens of thousands of retail stores across the US which power our machine learning models.
  • Integrating, analyzing, finding issues with, and solving shortcomings in the critical lifeblood of our system–the data our customers send us–that powers every aspect of our system.
  • Maintaining, augmenting, and helping architect our data platform and data warehouses to ensure that our data and ML teams can efficiently process and access the data they need.
  • Collaborating with an interdisciplinary team of experts in machine learning, data scientists, design, software engineering, and business process optimization

What skills and experience do you need?

  • Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • 3+ years of work experience.
  • Strong programming and problem-solving skills.
  • Expert-level knowledge of using SQL and data warehouses, data lakes, or databases.
  • Experience with Apache Spark or other Big Data frameworks; working with cloud infrastructure; data visualization tools; and applied statistics is a big plus.
About 30-40% of food produced worldwide is thrown away, causing nearly a trillion dollars of economic losses, trillions of gallons of wasted water, and billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions. In the US, about 40% of all food waste occurs at the retail level and downstream, largely driven by insufficient technology and manual processes.
Afresh seeks to tackle some of these big problems around food waste. Born out of Stanford's Computer Science PhD program, Afresh is the first Fresh food supply chain company. We bring the cutting edge of artificial intelligence to Fresh food to minimize food waste.
Our machine learning-powered supply chain solutions are tailored for the nuances of perishables. Our first product is a store-level replenishment tool that optimizes the ordering of items in Fresh categories -- produce, meat, deli, dairy, bakery, and prepared foods. The goal is to minimize waste and maximize in-stock rate, and consequently, profit.
So far, the results are awesome! Like we said above, in live deployments, we have demonstrated the potential to double profits and reduce food waste by 50%+.
We're growing fast: we're in partnership with 4 large regional grocers representing 500+ stores and >$10B in revenue. Our backers include Innovation Endeavors (former Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s firm) and Baseline Ventures (first money in Stitchfix, SoFi, Heroku, Instagram).
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