Data Scientist / Engineer

  • ThisFish Inc.
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Aug 21, 2020
Full Time Data Scientist Engineering: Software

Job Description

ThisFish Inc. is a purpose-driven technology company seeking to transform global seafood supply chains to make them more traceable and transparent. We are doing this by leveraging the latest in software and hardware technologies to transform a 2,000+ year old industry. We are starting with seafood factories, the most critical nodes in global supply chains.

We are a globally distributed, multicultural team that is very inclusive and we love the impact we are striving to achieve. We want people who are self-motivated and creative problem-solvers. Passion for technology and impact is also important. We promote employment equity and encourage applicants regardless of culture, race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or other marginalized status.



ThisFish Inc. has developed Tally software for seafood factories that digitizes their production, quality control and traceability data in real-time on the factory floor using tablets and IoT devices. We are now developing AI-enabled apps -- called Tallybots -- whose machine learning algorithms will be trained on the datasets to improve process control and predict production and quality outcomes in factories. We want to mine the data for patterns and valuable insights that could solve practical day-to-day challenges in seafood processing, food safety and traceability. As our in-house data scientist and engineer, you’ll be helping to pioneer the adoption of AI in the seafood sector.




1) In collaboration with Product Lead and domain experts, formulate and lead analytic studies of factory datasets for patterns and insights to inform the development of AI-enabled solutions to solve practical problems

  • Interpret and analyze data using exploratory mathematic and statistical techniques and tools such as R or Python and key data science libraries such as numpy, scipy, pandas, pymc3, scikit-learn, matplotlib, keras and pytorch in python or the tidyverse libraries in R.
  • Process, cleanse, and verify the integrity of data used for analysis
  • Provide insights into improving our data collection methodology
  • Do ad-hoc analysis and presenting preliminary results in a clear manner
  • Present results of analyses with graphs and clear explanations to domain experts and other interested parties


2) Develop and test machine learning algorithms to be deployed as AI-enabled apps in our Tally manufacturing software

  • Use data science techniques such as supervised machine learning (eg. random forests, boosting, support vector machines), unsupervised machine learning (eg. kK-means, hierarchical clustering, nearest neighbour), mixture models (eg. Gaussian mixture models), time series (eg. autoregressive models), regression methods (eg. ridge/lasso regularized regression, LOESS), classical statistics (eg. hypothesis testing, parameter estimation, bootstrapping) and Bayesian statistics (eg. Posterior distributions, model building and inference)
  • Write SQL queries and Python scripts to process data and enable machine learning
  • Optimize AI/ML inference algorithms for real-time use


3) Work with Product Lead and software engineers to design and build cloud infrastructure that enables the training of machine learning models over millions of historical data points

  • Develop infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform to store large datasets for training machine learning algorithms
  • Optimize infrastructure with consideration for pricing efficiency


4) Work with Product Lead, academic partners and domain experts to extend AI applications beyond structured data in Tally to include a variety of enriched data.

  • Collect and integrate Raman and near infrared spectroscopy data, or chemical “fingerprints,” of seafood for the purposes of machine learning;
  • Extend data collection from factories to fishing vessels to provide predictive analytics on fish quality at sea;
  • Investigate opportunities for using Tally to collect and tag images in the software for the purposes of machine learning


5) Work remotely in a distributed, multicultural team contributing to company strategy, culture and product roadmap.

  • Proactive communication to facilitate strong team collaboration across time zones.
  • Contribute thoughtfully to team meetings and strategy sessions.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in English. Knowledge of Spanish, Thai or Vietnamese is considered advantageous.



  • Creative problem-solver
  • Proactive and Assertive at times
  • Diplomatic / Respectful
  • Results-driven / deadline focused
  • Detail oriented
  • Persistent
  • Leads through example
  • Confident and humble



  • Deep analytical and statistical skills
  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively in multi-functional, multicultural team
  • A good listener and empathetic
  • Strong at execution


Must be a resident or citizen of Canada. Preference is given to those located near Vancouver, BC.

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