Scientific Computing/Geospatial Software Engineer

  • Planet
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Sep 02, 2020

Job Description

Welcome to Planet. We believe in using space to help life on Earth.

Planet designs, builds, and operates the largest constellation of imaging satellites in history. This constellation delivers an unprecedented dataset of empirical information via a revolutionary cloud-based platform to authoritative figures in commercial, environmental, and humanitarian sectors. We are both a space company and data company all rolled into one.

Customers and users across the globe use Planet's data to develop new technologies, drive revenue, power research, and solve our world’s toughest obstacles.

As we control every component of hardware design, manufacturing, data processing, and software engineering, our office is a truly inspiring mix of experts from a variety of domains.

We have a people-centric approach toward culture and community and we strive to iterate in a way that puts our team members first and prepares our company for growth. Join Planet and be a part of our mission to change the way people see the world.

Planet is headquartered in San Francisco, California, Earth.

About the Role:

Our Payload team enables the generation of accurate and interoperable  products from Planetscope satellites. There are multiple methods used to characterize image quality and ensure accuracy; from celestial maneuvers to examination of earth-facing on-orbit imagery. The work of the Payload team is performed at scale and affects millions of images and terabytes of data. 

There is much work to be done and would be a great experience for an up-and-coming engineer who has experience with characterization of optical systems.

Impact You’ll Own:

  • Driving and implementing continuous improvements in Image Quality and Calibration/Validation of L1 and L2 remote sensing products in our imaging pipeline
  • Leverage and contribute to higher level harmonized time stacks to diagnose, monitor and develop improvements
  • Develop and maintain ingestion of external data sources into our infrastructure
  • Extensive experience and knowledge of radiometry, calibration, computer vision and imaging sensors
  • Troubleshooting Image Quality and Calibration/Validation Issues and deploy software fixes

What You Bring:

  • A passion for Programming, Photography, Remote Sensing, Earth Sciences, and Geography
  • 5+ years relevant experience in remote sensing, mapping and/or cartography
  • Extensive experience leveraging scientific computing using Python in a Unix/Linux/AWS environment
  • Hands-on, can-do attitude, great interpersonal skills, and ability to collaborate effectively
  • Practical experience in solving problems by exploiting large cloud-based datasets
  • Solid graduate-level Statistics, Linear Algebra and Computer Vision foundation
  • BS/MS in an Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Aeronautics and Aerospace or other relevant scientific/engineering field

What Makes You Stand Out:

  • 5+ years remote sensing experience + proven track record of software automation of analysis of imagery/maps
  • Experience working with open source geospatial softwareActive contribution to open source projects
  • Active contribution to open source projects
  • Experience with existing and evolving standards for representing geospatial data on the webActive contribution to open source projects
  • Solid background in machine learning and statistics
  • PhD in EE, CS, DS, AA or relevant scientific/engineering field

Benefits While Working at Planet:

  • Comprehensive Health Plan
  • Wellness program and onsite massages in specific offices
  • Flexible Time Off
  • Recognition Programs
  • Commuter Benefits
  • Learning and Tuition Reimbursement
  • Parental Leave
  • Offsites and Happy Hours
  • Volunteering Benefits

Some Press About Us: 

Our CEO, Will Marshall featured on TED and featured in a Planet Blog

“Planet: Bringing Space Back Down to Earth”

Tiny, privately owned satellites are changing how we view the Earth features in NBC News

“Planet And Rocket Lab Create Mission Patch To Honor Women In Aerospace” —Planet Blog

Why we care so much about Belonging. 

We’re dedicated to helping the whole Planet, and to do that we must strive to represent all of it within each of our offices and on all of our teams. That’s why Planet is guided by an ultimate  north star of Belonging, dreaming big as we approach our ongoing work with diversity, equity and inclusion.  If this job intrigues you, but you’re thinking you might not have all the qualifications, please... do apply!  At Planet, we are looking for well-rounded people from around the world who can contribute to more ways than just what is listed in this job description.  We don’t just fill positions, we aspire to fulfill people’s careers, most excited about folks who are motivated by our underlying humanitarian efforts.  We are a few orbits around the sun before we get to where we want to be, so we hope you’re excited to come along for the ride. 

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