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  • Tradewater
  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • Oct 28, 2020
Part time role

Job Description

Tradewater is seeking a qualified individual who is willing to drive to, pick up, and ship containers full of greenhouse gases to our headquarters in Chicago. An individual who enjoys being on the road, meeting people, and exploring new places will excel in this position.

Part-Time Schedule: 

 The position is part-time and requires a commitment, in advance, to working a specific number of days (usually 3 or 4) for 2 weeks out of every month. Individuals should assume each workday will be spent doing pickups as part of an overnight trip that could be up to a 500-mile drive away - even if most workdays will not require overnight trips. 

What We Offer:

 Guaranteed income -The position will always pay the full amount for committed days - regardless of the number of days needed to complete all pickups.

Covered expenses - Costs, including fuel and hotels, will be covered, and reimbursed.

Free training and equipment - We will supply all necessary equipment for use during pickups and provide required Hazmat training.

About Tradewater:

 Tradewater is a mission-based company headquartered in the vibrant Fulton Market

neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois and operating in various locations throughout the

world. Our projects are designed to fight climate change, create economic development

opportunities, and make a profit. We achieve this through the collection, management,

and destruction of greenhouse gases.


        Able to pass a driving record and criminal background check.

        Must own a SUV, Minivan, or Van that is personally insured.

        Must have a smartphone and access to a laptop and printer.

        Must be able to maneuver containers up to 200lbs, with the help of rolling and leveraging, and be able to lift, on your own, containers that weigh up to 80lbs.

 Key Areas of Responsibility:

        Ability to follow a provided schedule to meet clients for container pickups on time.

        Driving to multiple locations in a day to meet clients for pickups.

        Testing containers upon pickup to ensure accurate weight and contents.

        Loading containers into a vehicle in an organized and safe manner.

        Interacting with clients to purchase containers and provide transaction receipts.

        Scanning transaction receipts and uploading them for Tradewater access.

        Boxing and labeling containers in the correct manner so that they can be shipped.

        Bringing containers to shipping facilities and ensuring they are mailed correctly.

 Experience and Qualifications: 

        Must be flexible with schedule changes and adjustments on any given workday.

        A willingness to take multiple day trips out of town and stay overnight in hotels.

        Good interpersonal and communication skills.

        Good attention to detail and ability to be incredibly careful with paperwork.

        Comfortable with being on your own and embracing the freedom of this work.

        Experience with rideshare, delivery, and/or professional driving services are a plus.

        A desire to succeed, with interest in future opportunities with Tradewater.

        An entrepreneurial spirit - looking to take full advantage of this position.

        Technologically adept - working with various technologies is no issue.

        Trustworthy and able to commit to using Tradewater’s assets responsibly.

        Dedicated to safety, both on and off the road.

If interested, please submit your application through the following link:

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