Student Intern: Life Cycle Assessment Analyst

  • Pollima
  • Remote (We are based in Los Angeles)
  • Nov 06, 2020

Job Description

We’re looking for talented, enthusiastic individuals to collaborate with to grow our company and grow the circular economy. 

Pollima is committed to creating an inclusive company where different perspectives inspire new approaches. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we consider the impact of our decisions on employees, customers, community members, and the environment. 

While everyone on the Pollima team is committed to creating new systems of consumption and production, we come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The common denominator among us: a shared commitment to achieving impact through groundbreaking work and acting with integrity. Always.


Pollima is a carbon negative furniture company using hemp byproduct as a wood alternative. Pollima was born out of the collective sense of urgency towards a healthy environment.  We can all do something for the good of the planet and it can start with buying products that you know fit your values. The word, Pollima, was created to represent the Pollination of Materials. At Pollima, our mission is to support the circular economy by positioning sustainable materials as the most popular and easiest choices for companies and consumers. By using regional byproducts for new materials and products, we will see systemic environmental impact worldwide. We envision a society where abundance is pervasive and where waste creates more beauty, not less.

Intern: Life Cycle Assessment Analyst

We are in search of a confident, collaborative, and committed LCA Analyst intern to join our team. As we prepare to launch, we are taking very careful consideration of every step of our supply chain. Manufacturing location, shipping, energy use, carbon content of raw goods, all get to be calculated and considered. This is an opportunity to work on a project that is aligned with your vision for the world and gives you freedom to dive deep into different research areas.


You love being on the cutting edge and can’t wait to get knee-deep into a project to help it grow. You are committed to taking action and being part of the solution. You are dedicated to using your life to create positive change in the world and follow through with projects until completion. You stay organized and on-time and have a background in design.


In this unpaid position, you will have guidance from the CEO

Tasks will include: 

  • Weekly check-ins with CEO

  • Researching our product
  • Researching our process
  • Developing a report

Tasks could include:

  • More research..

  • And more!


  • Individuals with a background in Sustainability, Environmental Science, or Engineering

  • Experience working on a team

  • Organizational skills

  • Examples of your work

  • Ability to be flexible 

  • Curiosity to learn more about start-ups

  • Commitment to our mission for a better world

  • PS, You don’t HAVE to be a student


  • A creative, compassionate, trusting, and inclusive team

  • Insight into launching a company in the circular economy

  • Connections in the world of sustainability

  • The position is unpaid however there is a likelihood to transition into a paid position after June 2021

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Carbon Accounting & Offsetting, Consumer Goods, Materials & Manufacturing