Manager, Product Marketing

  • Indigo
  • Boston, MA, USA
  • Nov 11, 2020

Job Description

Manager, Product Marketing

Indigo Carbon’s mission to reverse the trajectory of climate change. Launched in 2019, Indigo Carbon aspires to bring agriculture to the forefront of solutions for climate change by creating the highest quality, verified, farm-based carbon credits. We leverage technology, systems thinking, and cutting-edge soil science to solve big problems in ways that benefit farmers, consumers, and the planet.

Indigo Carbon makes it possible for more farmers to farm profitably, creating new revenue streams and building soil resilience by reinstating the natural biological, chemical, and geological relationships necessary for plants to flourish in a self-sustaining ecosystem. We are unlocking the world’s largest potential untapped carbon sink -- representing a real and significant opportunity to draw down atmospheric carbon levels -- to restore the health of our planet.

The role of the Carbon Operations team in making this change possible

The Manager, Product Marketing will help stand up a Carbon-specific digital marketing apparatus, driving grower engagement from lead generation and conversion through to grower retention. S/he will manage grower messaging across platforms, collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders to deliver critical communications to prospective and current customers, shape the annual marketing plan, and help build Carbon-specific digital marketing capabilities. While dedicated to Carbon, this Manager will partner closely with the broader marketing organization to execute across projects. S/he will be helping Indigo trailblaze the path for soil-based carbon credits all while improving the livelihoods of farmers across the country.


  • Understand the objectives of newly developed Carbon offerings and develop and implement a marketing plan and communication strategy – driving recommendations based on the agronomic calendar, regional differences, existing penetration, etc.
  • Manage Carbon-specific E2E communication development (e.g. objectives, copy draft, revisions, approval, delivery channel, outcomes) with clear deadlines and owners, coordinating across cross-functional stakeholders, including
    • Marketing, and Customer Success stakeholders to launch and update key communications, including emails, marketing collateral, and web content
    • Product, and Agronomic Partnerships stakeholders to define and update technical messaging included within software and in guidance / trainings to field teams
  • Craft key messages to growers across the agronomic cycle, tailored as necessary to resonate with our evolving understanding of different grower segments
  • Manage and maintain grower mailing lists by working closely with Operations Management, identifying relevant growers/groups relevant for each correspondence
  • Manage grower acquisition funnel by working closely with the Operations Management team to monitor grower engagement and identify insights and opportunities to improve conversion points and optimize acquisition
  • Manage a digital marketing platform, including SEM and CRM that enables more effective and efficient targeting and tracking of core growers, especially as Indigo Carbon scales
  • Provide key input and support for cross-functional efforts led by other stakeholders to support the grower experience, such as new marketing campaigns, social media engagement, emerging technology evaluation, etc.
  • Build trust and partnership with other teams within Indigo to execute key tasks and improve processes


  • 3-5 years’ work experience with both generalist-business and direct-to-consumer digital marketing responsibilities, preferably at a younger-stage venture
  • Familiarity with building and implementing digital marketing plans and SEM/CRM platforms
  • Experience with at least two of the following: product management, project management, digital marketing, brand management, customer relationship management, customer experience
  • Experience managing complex and fast-paced projects with a high degree of ambiguity
  • Proven track record of working with business partners and technical partners to design, deliver, and improve communications
  • Agriculture experience not necessary

On the Carbon Operations team, you will be responsible for bringing strategy and vision to life -- whether it’s determining how to bring a new product or service to market, working on a marketing plan, building external partnerships, enabling our sales teams, supporting our farmers, or measuring our business success. You will have the opportunity to work closely with a team of very diverse backgrounds, from strategists, startup gurus, exceptional product and engineering talent to a team of dedicated agronomists, leading soil scientists and soil health experts, along with myriad other functions. 

Success in Carbon Operations means thinking big but being pragmatic in planning; collaborating closely with diverse colleagues and partners while also being able to build and execute independently; and being endlessly committed to excellence.

We are excited and passionate about the impact our work has on growers and the environment. We believe in large-scale change. We believe that we can only make these changes by trying new ideas and taking bold risks. We also believe in having fun while doing it. 


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Food & Agriculture

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