Lead Software Engineer

  • 75F
  • Bloomington, MN, USA
  • Nov 16, 2020
Full time role

Job Description

75F is seeking a Lead Software Engineer to join a growing team of software engineers, quality engineers, and system analysts. The 75F technology stack is comprised of hardware, firmware, mobile, web UI (i.e., Angular), NodeJS and Java services, Azure CosmosDB, InfluxDB (i.e., time scaled database), machine learning, and big data analytics. This role will be focused on the software portion of the stack, excluding the hardware and firmware portions of the stack, but will need to gain a detailed understanding of their function. A successful candidate will have a quality-first approach to deliver maintainable, well-tested, and well-architected solutions, adapt quickly to change, be able to collaborate with technical and business stakeholders alike, and be able to champion efficient agile processes, delivery, and DevOps.

Required Experience

  • 6+ years in Java
  • 6+ years unit testing, integration testing, and UI testing frameworks and methodologies (e.g., JUnit, Spock, Jasmine, Selenium, etc.) as part of software testing automation
  • 6+ years working with, and contributing to, the design of complex technical architectures in resilient and high-scalability environments
  • 6+ years in application persistence layers and related design choices (e.g., SQL, NoSQL, etc.)
  • 6+ years building RESTFUL API’s
  • 4+ years working with modern Java frameworks (e.g. Spring, Hibernate, etc.)
  • 4+ years implementing and/or contributing to optimizing modern agile delivery processes (e.g., SCRUM, Kanban, SAFe, etc.)
  • 4+ years using Git source control

Required Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or closely related technical discipline

Top-Valued Skills

  1. Knowledge of implementing maintainable and well-tested software and relevant support technologies (e.g., Java, NodeJS, Angular, JUnit, Spock, Git, SQL/NoSQL databases, build pipeline automation, etc.)
  2. Knowledge of REST standards and best practices
  3. Knowledge of Java package management tools (e.g. Gradle, Maven, etc.)
  4. Knowledge of modern agile processes and optimization
  5. Ability to architect resilient and high-scalability applications
  6. Ability to learn quickly and adapt to change in a fast-moving environment
  7. Ability to translate complex business requirements into simple, elegant technical solutions

Top-Valued Attributes

  1. Detail-oriented and highly motivated
  2. Quality-first approach for development implementation and team processes
  3. Desire for continuous learning and improvement
  4. Highly collaborative approach to technical delivery from the standpoint of business domain and requirements
  5. Desire to work outside comfort zone

Preferred Experience

  • Knowledge of Docker and working with containerized environments
  • Experience with cloud hosting platforms (Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.)
  • Mobile application development (e.g., Android, Apache Cordova, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of machine learning and big data platforms
  • Development and testing of modern UI and web application frameworks (e.g., Angular, React, etc.)
  • NodeJS implementation

Primary Responsibilities

  • Facilitate delivery in a cross-functional team of software engineers, quality engineers, and systems analysts in DevOps delivery of a commercial software platform
  • Coordinate efficient and effective agile delivery processes and contribute to operational enhancements
  • Coordinate troubleshooting and resolution of issues
  • Collaborate with delivery team and business stakeholders to design robust and reusable solutions, as well as facilitate the translation to technical designs
  • Collaborate and influence proactive system monitoring practices and strategies to help identify issues prior to customer impact
  • Promote a mindset and culture within the team that embraces identifying, owning, and solving issues, driving quality, improving performance, and improving the customer experience
  • Estimate delivery effort, as well as effectively identify and prioritize high-value deliverables
  • Assist in story definition, evaluation, translation, and business requirements gathering from product owners and business stakeholders
  • Communicate effectively with peers and subordinates to drive efficient team delivery
  • Collaborate in continuous planning with business stakeholders and other technology team leaders to ensure a successful delivery plan is available for business priorities

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