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  • Solidia Technologies
  • Jan 08, 2019
Full Time

Job Description

Solidia delivers game-changing solutions to every corner of the world by employing some of the world’s most ubiquitous materials, cement and concrete, and transforming one of its most problematic pollutants, CO2, into a valuable commodity.

Its sustainable technologies utilize the industry’s existing infrastructure, raw materials, formulations, production methods and specifications, making them easy to adopt anywhere in the world.

Currently in commercialization, Solidia’s systems are verified by leading independent industry laboratories. Produced with a non-hydraulic, lower-energy and lower-emission chemistry, Solidia Cement™ is more sustainable than ordinary Portland cement (OPC). Solidia Concrete™ cures with CO2 instead of water, sequestering CO2 by injecting it into concrete during the manufacturing process. By transforming CO2 into a usable element, it gives large- and small-scale concrete producers a competitive edge.

Impact: At scale, each year Solidia’s technologies will be able to reduce:

  • the carbon footprint of concrete by up to 70%, equaling 1.5 gigatonnes or ~4% of the world’s CO2 emissions, with the potential to do more;
  • water usage up to 100%, avoiding the consumption of 3 trillion gallons of fresh water…enough to fill 1 million Olympic swimming pools;
  • energy consumption at cement plants equal to ~260 million barrels of oil/year (or 67 million tonnes of coal); and
  • landfills by eliminating at least 100 million tonnes of concrete waste,
  • …while transforming CO2 into a valuable commodity.

Market: Cement is a crucial raw material in the production of concrete: 4 billion tons are produced globally per year. Concrete is the 2nd most utilized substance on the planet after water: approximately 33 billion tons are produced globally per year. The combined market value of cement and concrete worldwide is US$1.3 trillion.

Smart Business: Stronger, more durable and higher performing than traditional concrete, Solidia Concrete™ products cost less to produce, reduce water and energy use, and cure in less than 24 hours.

By introducing Artificial Intelligence into concrete production, we are also bringing one of the world’s oldest industries into the 21st century. Plus, within 5 years, Solidia’s need for CO2 will more than double the existing CO2 market.

We address an urgent societal need by making sustainable innovation smart business for one of the world’s largest industries.

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