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  • Sunfire
  • Jan 08, 2019
Full Time

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Sunfire is the world leader in steam electrolyzers and fuel cells. Our electrolysers are excellently suited for the production of renewable e-fuels and e-gases. Our fuel cells are already being used worldwide to generate electricity and heat. Sunfire has been voted one of the top 10 most innovative energy companies in the world and is a Global Cleantech 100 company.

The PowerCore — a solid oxide cell (SOC) stack — is Sunfire's key technology for the production of steam electrolysers (solid oxide electrolyser cells, SOECs) and high-temperature fuel cells (solid oxide fuel cells, SOFCs).

Therefore it can be used to convert electrical energy into chemical energy as well as to convert various liquid and gaseous fuels based on hydrocarbons (natural gas, LPG) into electricity and heat.

Steam electrolysis splits steam into hydrogen and oxygen. It is particularly efficient and is powered by renewable electricity. The hydrogen generated can be efficiently converted into crude oil substitutes via the Sunfire Power-to-Liquid process as well as being used directly in hydrogen mobility or industrially.

Solid oxide cells convert chemical energy from a gaseous fuel into electricity and heat via a chemical reaction with oxygen from the air, in a highly efficient, continuous process. Unlike conventional fuel cells, which only run on hydrogen, Sunfire fuel cells can also be operated with different hydrocarbons, such as natural gas, biogas, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and various liquid hydrocarbon fuels (methanol, ethanol, diesel).



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Energy, Waste Reduction & Circular Economy