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  • Utilization of Carbon Dioxide Institute Co., Ltd.
  • Jan 08, 2019
Full Time

Job Description

UCDI is an R&D-focused Venture Company of The University of Tokyo. We are Working toward Contributing to Society by Bringing about a Low-carbon World and a Solution to Global Food Security Issues.

We will do this by sophisticatedly leveraging innovative biotechnologies centered on our proprietary high-protein hydrogen bacteria, the UCDI strain, to make products in four areas: biofeeds (feed-use protein and dietary supplements), high-performance proteins, bio-jet fuel, and chemicals, from CO2 and hydrogen.

Biofeeds (Feed-use protein and dietary supplements)

UCDI is accelerating the early industrialization of purely domestic biofeeds as highly sustainable products to fundamentally solve the serious issue of insufficient animal protein materials (fish meal) for feed in the livestock and aquaculture industries.

High-performance proteins

With population growth and global expansion of the middle class, the increase in per person consumption of meat and fish on a global scale continues. It has been pointed out that there might not be enough animal protein in the world by 2025 or 2030. UCDI is aiming to manufacture animal protein that has little impact on the environment, and is gentle to the environment.

Bio-jet fuel

To achieve the International Civil Aviation Organization’s goal of zero increases of CO2 emissions from aviation from 2020, it will be necessary to improve fuel efficiency and also introduce bio-jet fuel. UCDI is working on manufacturing a raw material for bio-jet fuel with biocatalyst preparation technology, utilizing CO2.


With a process that radically revolutionizes existing technical concepts, UCDI is developing manufacturing technology to produce various chemicals from CO2 and hydrogen. This will contribute to reducing the chemical industry’s reliance on fossil resources and bringing about GSC (Green Sustainable Chemistry).

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