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 Advocacy or Policy
 Buildings & Cities
 Carbon Accounting & Offsetting
 Carbon Removal & Utilization Engineering
 Climate Risk
 Consumer Goods
 Ecosystems & Biodiversity
 Food & Agriculture
 Materials & Manufacturing
 Media & Journalism
 Pollution & Waste Reduction
 Research & Education
 Supporting Catalysts
 Air Quality Monitoring
 Alternative Refrigerants
 Refrigerant Management
 Onshore Wind Turbines
 Reduced Food Waste
 Plant-Rich Diets
 Tropical Forest Restoration
 Educating Girls
 Family Planning
 Solar Farms
 Rooftop Solar
 Regenerative Annual Cropping
 Temperate Forest Restoration
 Peatland Protection and Rewetting
 Tropical Staple Trees
 Conservation Agriculture
 Tree Intercropping
 Geothermal Power
 Managed Grazing
 Nuclear Power
 Improved Clean Cookstoves
 Offshore Wind Turbines
 Farmland Restoration
 Improved Rice Production
 Concentrated Solar Power
 Electric Vehicles
 District Heating
 Multistrata Agroforestry
 Ocean Power
 Methane Digesters
 LED Lights (Household)
 Biomass Power
 Bamboo Production
 Alternative Cement
 Public Transit
 Forest Protection
 Indigenous Peoples’ Forest Tenure
 Solar Hot Water
 High-Efficiency Heat Pumps
 LED Lighting
 Building Automation Systems
 Low-Flow Fixtures
 Small Hydropower
 Perennial Biomass Production
 Coastal Wetland Protection
 System of Rice Intensification
 Walkable Cities
 Smart Thermostats
 Landfill Methane Capture
 Bicycle Infrastructure
 Dynamic Glass
 Sustainable Intensification for Smallholders
 Methane Digesters (Small)
 Nutrient Management
 High-Speed Rail
 Farm Irrigation Efficiency
 Electric Bicycles
 Recycled Paper
 Water Distribution Efficiency
 Biochar Production
 Green and Cool Roofs
 Micro Wind Turbines
 Distributed Energy Storage
 Utility-Scale Energy Storage
 Grid Flexibility
 Net-Zero Buildings
 Building with Wood
 Living Buildings
 Smart Highways
 Water Quality Monitoring
 Artificial Leaf
 Energy Management
 Fusion Energy
 Hydrogen-Boron Fusion
 PV Glass
 Smart Grids
 Solid-State Wave Energy
 Lab-Grown Meat & Dairy
 Local Produce
 Marine Permaculture
 Microbial Farming
 Ocean Farming
 Pasture Cropping
 Perennial Staple Crops
 Protein Alternatives
 Seaweed Livestock Feed (asparagopsis taxiformis)
 Vertical Farming
 Enhanced Weathering of Minerals
 Repopulating the Mammoth Steppe
 Carbon Capture & Utilization
 Industrial Hemp
 Autonomous Vehicles
 Carbon Offsets
 Farmland Restoration
 Biogas for Cooking
 Coastal Wetland Restoration
 Distributed Solar Photovoltaics
 Grassland Protection
 High-Performance Glass
 Tree Plantations (on Degraded Land)
 Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaics
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